Monday, March 09, 2009

Just Call Me "Whimpy" (Whiney and Limpy)

TEN whole weeks after my fall, I'm still swollen and often purple, and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever wear a left shoe again.  IMG_1268

I'd like to say that I'm well on my way to walking again -- and I know that day will eventually come -- but I'm still not putting my full weight on my injured foot, even using both crutches. 

It was icy and snowy in Seattle today, just like it was on January 4th, making it seem as if very little progress has been made since my fall. 

I know that's not true, of course, and thinking back to that first week after the accident, I know that much progress has been made.  But I think it will take a warm spring day for me to really notice.

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Anonymous said...

It was months after my injury before I was walking without crutches, and a whole year before I could reliably count on my ankle not to give out on me, and another 2 years after that before I didn't have to think about every step I took. This is what doctors don't tell you about recovery from bi- or tri-malleolar ankle fracture recovery. It's a very, very long road to recovery, and a very frustrating one. Whenever I expressed my frustration to the doctor, he just told me I would need to "work harder". I hated him when he said that...because it was true. You really do need to work on your own recovery. You need to practice what you learn in rehab, every day. You need to stretch and do massage, every day. You need to get a compression sock on that ankle, every day.

Anonymous said...

You have good reason to be whiney. This has to be so very frustrating for you! Hang in there, and take good care of yourself, is all I can offer. :o(

christina said...

Give it time, give it time. I'd say a good six months and you'll be noticing a difference.

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