Saturday, February 21, 2009

What our kids will fight over when we croak

It won't be art...



Or silver... .IMG_1099

Or even my Käthe Kruse doll.


It won't be jewelry...


And it definitely won't be my mom's fur coat (which I won't even dignify with a real photo -- poor foxes!).

fur coat

Nope -- our kids won't fight about any of those things (which hold sentimental value primarily to me).  They'll fight over this


Our Dansk Classique stainless cutlery!  We registered for this silverware when we got married over 25 years ago and we've used it daily for all these years (adding a few place settings over the years), but it still looks and feels great.  When Elisabeth moved out and looked for silverware of her own, she insisted that nothing "slides over your lips the right way" like these spoons do.  And Peter always insists on using the small salad fork instead of the large dinner fork.  The kids grew up with this stuff and I have a feeling it holds far more value to them than any silly art or dumb doll. 

And for the record, guys, no I don't know who will get this cutlery! And really, I'm not worried about it because, although 50's might seem old to you, it feels a WHOLE LOT younger to me now than when I was your age and I'm sure we have plenty of time before we need to start labeling stuff for inheritance, like Omi did.  (Hmmmm... fodder for another post!)

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jennifer said...

Gosh, that is beautiful stainless! Now I want it too!

Lorrene said...

If I leave anytime soon, one of my son's would want my laptop (it's still new) I have an old picture hanging in the bathroom that my daughter wants. It's real valuable I bought it at a yard sale. LOL. I honestly can't think of anything my other son would want.

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