Saturday, February 14, 2009

I long for my bubble bath!

It's now been six weeks since I broke my ankle and five weeks since Humpty Dumpty put me (surgically) back together again.

Lots of things have changed and I've had to make lots of adaptations (tomorrow I'll photo-blog about the dramatic process of getting from the house to the car), but you know what I miss most of all?



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Sam said...

hmmm, it's funny isn't it - I rarely have a bath these days but I know that if the ability was taken away from me I'd want on RIGHT NOW!!

Can you not hang your leg out of the bath? Or would that be too uncomfortable? Can you rig up a soap holder thingie (one that goes across the bath) to prop your leg on?

Anonymous said...

Just think how amazing that first bath post-cast will feel!

Sam, I would think getting in and out of the tub would be so incredibly awkward that she might fall and break the other ankle. :)


Goofball said...

can't you take a bath sitting on something to keep you higher and then hang one leg out??

Carol said...

IMMERSION and RELAXATION are the joys of a bath! I think I'll wait until I can really take a bath before I try to kind of take a bath!

But yes Lynn, that first one will be BLISS! I should get me some BUBBLE BATH! :-)


Anonymous said...

Back when my son broke BOTH his ankles, my hubby managed to rig up this thing so he could take a bath. Being young (14 yo) and very fit, he had no trouble getting in and out of the tub, but I wouldn't recommend it for us "older" folks. From his experience, I know that you will feel so much better once you get your walking cast. He was in a wheel chair for six weeks. Using crutches, of course, was out of the question. Even though the "intelligent" folks at Group Health gave him a pair.

Margaret said...

I used to only do showers and now it's nothing but baths. It's so much more relaxing!! I bet you are counting the days until you can submerge yourself.

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