Wednesday, February 25, 2009

From a purple cast to a Darth Vader boot

Just as I anticipated, my cast was removed this morning: 

Not that I compared or anything, but Jessica (the other patient in the room who, it turned out had surgery the same day I did) had a cast that was vastly prettier than mine!  For obvious reasons, she kept her cast!  Isn't it pretty?  She also happens to work at Microsoft as -- you guessed it -- an artist!


So I'm going to do something very brave here.  Something that will prove that I'm comfortable in my own shedding, wrinkly, swollen, hairy, stinky skin.  I'm gonna post photos of my leg soon after it came out of the cast. 

I hope you haven't just eaten.


You're thinking I'm being overly dramatic, aren't you?  You're thinking that it really doesn't look all that bad.  Right? 

Well, brace yourself.


Now don't get all third-grade "Ewwwww...coooties!!" on me, but there you have it. 

Of course, one of the first things I did when I got home was this: 


It felt maaaavelous!  I followed that up with some of this:


And then I proceeded to massage my foot and attempt to move it around, per doctor's orders.  Any movement at all was excruciating and completely indiscernible to the naked eye.  Really, I tried to point my toes, even just a little, but they simply wouldn't move.  And rolling my ankle from side to side...

No, I can't even write about it yet. 

So this is what I'll be living in for the next 6 weeks:



It's very Darth Vader.  Even the name of it -- "AirCast" -- reminds me of Darth Vader's airy, scary breathing!  But the name comes about because I actually pump air into it, which provides both cushioning and support.  My instruction today was to put 20% of my weight on my foot using crutches to walk, and then increase the weight-bearing by 20 pounds every three days.

So as of today the healing process is out of the doctor's hands and in mine (or rather, in my feet).  If I use my scooter as I have been, I simply won't heal, so I need to start walking with crutches and moving my foot, no matter how much it hurts.  Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck. Be patient with yourself. It's gonna hurt and not work right for a long time.

Compression socks (you can buy them in the pharmacy) will really help with that swelling.

Also, a daily deep ankle/foot massage, with range-of-motion stretching, done by a willing husband will help your recovery and long-term swelling. said...

I have been impressed with this post and that of Feb 17. These sorts of events can bring reflection, change and appreciation of how lucky we generally are in our society, with relative health and wealth, usually taken for granted. Even here in Australia we have had ugly fires across Victoria, many lives, all one's wordly possessions and homes are lost.
There is usually someone much worse for wear than most of us.

Try to take the time and do the rehab as recommended and needed; that can be be difficult in this crazy world!

Carol said...

Anonymous, you sound like a very knowledgeable PT... or someone who's been through this. Yes? (And thanks!)


jennifer said...

I'm anticipating an upcoming blog about the religious experience that will be your first bubble bath.

I wore an aircast after a sprained ankle for a while. I loved it.

Are you going to be working with a PT during your rehab or are you on your own? I hope you can see a PT, at least now and then, to chart your progress.

You're definitely greatly on the upswing now, yay!

Jessica said...

Hi there, It was great meeting you and getting a cameo in your video, I think this is my first time on You tube! I will have to post it to mine now as well! Hope you are felling good now, I took a bath after my nap when I got was HEAVEN! Dont worry you will get there its hard work but we got the best DR and ProClub is great PT! As this is my third time I can tell you this was the best experience I have had! Good Luck, you know I will always commiserate with you! lol

Goofball said...

eum I agree with everything: the eeeew at the sight of your toe (sorry to be so honest) and the what the hell when seeing that darth father boot.

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