Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to shower when you're in a cast and use a knee walker:

For the first few weeks, you'll probably need help because you're in pain and still learning how to maneuver around. But eventually, try this:

  1. Sitting down, (I usually sit on the toilet because it's close to the shower), wrap a dish towel around your cast and tuck it in the top of the cast. IMG_1001
  2. Place a large plastic kitchen bag over your cast, past the knee. Pull the drawstrings tight and tape (we use packing tape) all around the top of your knee, sealing the plastic bag. IMG_1002
  3. Make sure everything is where you need it:
    1. The shower chair should be facing the door -- and it should not be wobbly!
    2. Your shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaver, etc. should all be reachable from the shower chair.
    3. Your towel(s) should be reachable from your sitting position on the shower chair.
    4. Make sure the water is set to come out the handheld wand and that the wand is placed where you can reach it sitting down.IMG_0993
  4. Undress.
  5. Back up on the knee scooter all the way to the shower, so the rear wheels hit the lip of the shower.IMG_0994
  6. Put your uninjured foot INTO the shower, keeping your knee on the scooter.IMG_0999
  7. Slowly lean back and sit in the shower chair.
  8. Move the scooter just far enough away from the shower that you can close the door, if desired, but within reach from the shower chair. (Are you sure the plastic bag around your foot is watertight??) Urge kitty not to follow you into the shower.IMG_0998
  9. Close the door. Turn on the water (you should be able to do this from the chair). Shower! Enjoy -- as much as possible, anyway.
  10. When finished, shut off water. Open door, making sure not to push your scooter away. Grab towel(s), which you've placed within reach.
  11. Pull scooter all the way up to the lip of the shower again.
  12. Stand up on your good foot inside the shower, as close to the lip as possible.IMG_0999
  13. Place knee on scooter, then push away from shower, lifting up your good foot once your knee is on the scooter.
  14. Be careful of any water left on the floor!

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Lorrene said...

Oh my gosh! And I always dread taking a shower and I am not in a cast. I'll never complain again.
How long will you be in the cast?

Anonymous said...

I assume you take your clothes off! Just kidding!

Carol said...

THIS cast... another few weeks. Then I get a (hallelujah!) walking cast!


Anonymous said...

Puts into perspective the things we take for granted...

Margaret said...

It doesn't sound like fun--but the idea of not taking a shower would be way worse.

Goofball said...

hmm showering without getting your ass wet (something I practised in January) seems easier ! Just bend over in our walk-in shower and use the handheld wand (is that the word? hmm didn't know).

Glad you did get to shower though, it can be so refreshing! Doesn't that tape hurt on your knee? ouch

Lorrene said...

You deserve an award, just go to my blog and pick it up. Put in on your blog and either do or don't do all those instructions. They really are a pain in the buttox.

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