Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pranic Healing? Hey, why NOT?!

One of the great things about working for an international company is the diversity of the employees. I've already written about some of my friends and coworkers in Mumbai, especially around traditional Indian wedding ceremonies and art (here and here and here), but today I want to write about an alternative view of medicine and healing, something my co-worker Ajay and his wife Meghan study and practice, called Panic healing.

After I broke my ankle, Ajay asked if I'd be willing to allow Meghan to do some Pranic healing on me as part of her coursework for the program she's in. I looked into it and decided, hey, why not -- especially since it's completely non-invasive. If you've never heard of it (as I hadn't) you can find out more on the Pranic healing website and in this video:

So it turns out that Meghan will be practicing Pranic healing on my foot, possibly even from afar! (?!) She wants me to ask my doctor whether I'm healing faster or better than expected. After watching the video and exploring this a bit on my own, I wouldn't be surprised. And since Pranic is complementing and not replacing traditional medicine and since it really can't do any harm, my only thought is... hey, why NOT? It sure can't hurt!

I'll let you know how it goes!

(And remind me to ask Ajay and Meghan if I can post photos and the story of their lovely American-Indian wedding, one ceremony in Portland and another, the following month, in India!)

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1 comment:

jen said...

carol, i thought it said Panic healing. My brain lost that important r. All I could think of was that while I've had colds and backaches I've worked through due to panic, i couldn't imagine how panic could heal a bone.

Good luck and let us all know.

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