Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Picks Palin: Well, That Clinches It for Obama!

McCain just put his "not ready to lead" foot in his own mouth.

I'm sure Governor Palin is a very capable woman, but this is what CNN says about her experience:

"Before becoming governor she was mayor and council member of a small town."

Hmmmm -- that 3 AM call? The one that requires the VP must lead the country?


Granted, I was never gonna vote for McCain. So he's lost nothing in my dismay. But I have a feeling there are people who would have voted for a strong Republican ticket and have just decided to vote for the strongest presidential ticket: OBAMA: a qualified and impactful presidential candidate and BIDEN: a capable, decisive, experienced vice-presidential candidate who could answer that 3 AM call (heaven forbid) and absolutely run this country!

I couldn't be more thrilled with McCain's choice for a running mate! Good going, dude!

ADDENDUM (I'll probably be adding to this post throughout the day): Something scary (really scary) just occurred to me: Let's just say that McCain wins -- and then dies. Palin becomes president. On the global stage we'd be in HUGE trouble. In the eyes of the rest of the world, America's standing, America's credibility, America's might would be in the hands of a self-proclaimed "hockey mom" from Alaska. We'd be in such incredibly deeeeep trouble.

And at the risk of sounding really backwards, stereotyped and sexist, what is a brand new mom, with a brand new baby (BRAND new!) -- and one with special needs, no less -- doing running for an office that would essentially take her away from her baby ALL the time? The mother in me simply doesn't GET that... and I have a feeling that the rightest-wing moms out there will agree with me on this one. Yes, we should have gotten over this attitude 20 years ago, and I am surprised to be feeling it... but this isn't just an issue of a "working mom." This is a mom who couldn't possibly be with her baby in the upcoming months (or years).

Oh -- and how incredibly insulting to suggest or imply that, because Palin is a woman she'll get the vote of Hillary supporters. She and Hillary are completely different on every issue I can think of, and if women are voting the issues and not simply their gender, OF COURSE their vote will go to Obama! How insulting to imply that gender makes more difference than issues!

You know what else pisses me off? The overly ambitious, shortsightedness of McCain's decision. What it says to me is, "I just want to WIN; I really don't care about what happens after that." Kinda reminds me of the banks lending money to people who couldn't afford to pay it back. It was short-sighted, with catastrophic long-term effects. If McCain really cared about his country (OK, fine -- I know he does... but his ambition has over-ruled that care), he wouldn't have done this. It shows that he's willing to put our country in the hands of someone who is CLEARLY not qualified for that level of responsibility! It's selfish and it shows a LACK of love and concern for our future, in my opinion.

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Jen said...

The only problem is those pesky PUMAs...

I'm sure this is a gambit to pull women over to McCain's side.


Anonymous said...

i hope you're right...

Unknown said...

Well said, very well said. I'm dem dh is rep, it's fun around here today!
I was never voting for McCain anyway but I certainly wouldn't vote for him now even though he picked a woman. She has NO experience as far as I am concerned. I didn't know about the baby thing but yeah, not gonna swing many moms to the 'dark side' with that!

Goofball said...

yeah she's a very remarkable choice. I hope it will be a tactic mistake as well!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about your "retro" feelings. I suspect that we would also be critical of a dad of 4 (one of whom is a young baby with Downs Syndrome) being on the ticket as VP leaving his wife to take on the challenges pretty much by herself. The reality of being a (good) parent is that sometimes you defer some dreams until your kids are older. Men and women.

Carol said...

Oh, I SO agree, Anonymous! At first I was thrilled, thinking this means Obama's nailed it. Now, looking back at the fiascos of 2000 and 2004, I'm SCARED at the thought of it all.

McCain had battle skin cancer. That stuff comes back. He's no spring chicken and SHE'S too inexperienced.


Anonymous said...

oops, want to add to my earlier comment. Apparently she has FIVE children, the oldest of whom is 18 and is in the national guard. Not sure how old the 3 in the middle are.

Hopefully the PUMA's will be totally unimpressed by Palin's extreme anti-choice rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through your "empty nest" post then read your entry today. What an awesome blog! I was thinking also about Palin's ease with which she chooses possible VP responsiblity over her children who are young. And the distance from Alaska to Washington. Great posts! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I totally 1000% agree with everything you've posted here. (I even mentioned many of the same points in my blog, however with less class!) :o)

Anonymous said...

Ooops, that last "anonymous" was me!

Anonymous said...


I don't know how much research you've been able to do into Sarah Palin's background; I'd encourage you to go over to the Anchorage Daily News website today. Good information there, and pretty fair, I'd say, though they are typically a left-leaning publication.

I'm an Alaskan who is not a Palin supporter, but I've got to say that you are grossly mischaracterizing her positions and her behavior. Believe, despite the differences of opinion on some issues, she reminds me a lot of the way you ahve portrayed yourself here...I intend that to be positive :)

here's a starting point:

You also might want to read through the opinion section on the website; get the scoop, both positive and negative, from Alaskans who are well-acquainted with the governor.

Not trying to be confrontational here. You seem like someone who prides herself in being well-informed.


Carol said...


Thanks for your feedback. I do appreciate it.

As I've said, I'm sure Sarah Palin is an intelligent, energetic and well-loved woman. That isn't the issue. The issue is whether she's ready to be commander-in-chief of this country at a point when we have many crises at home and huge crises internationally, as well.

You say, "She reminds me a lot of the way you have portrayed yourself here..." The thing is, I'd never in a million years have accepted the invitation to take on the position of VP of the United States after less than 2 years as the governor of a state with the population of Austin Texas, and having only been in the political arena for a few years beyond that -- and then, as a mayor and city council member of a town half the size of the audience who watched her be introduced as the VP candidate! And as far as her attitudes on social issues is concerned, she's 180 degrees different than me... but I am a woman, so the presumption seems to that I'd vote for her simply based on her gender... which is so incredibly insulting!!

I'm socially progressive and liberal (pro-choice, anti-religion-in-schools, pro-gun-control, etc.), but you know what? I think her baby needs her!! How's THAT for a conservative, old-fashioned, highly sexist attitude?! As a mother, I just don't see how she could do this. I'm all for mothers working, but she's still NURSING and MY BODY, not my politics, says that's just wrong.

OK, off my soapbox now...


Margaret said...

AMEN, Carol! I am a working mom of 2,so that's not my issue. But I don't have 5, don't have a special needs baby, don't have an all-consuming job, AND don't claim to be a "family values" Republican. Hypocrisy, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

>>Believe, despite the differences of opinion on some issues, she reminds me a lot of the way you ahve portrayed yourself here...I intend that to be positive :)<<

Wow! someone is reading a different blog than than the one I'm reading ;) I'm not sure what about Carol reminds someone of Palin. I've done a lot of reading up on Sarah Palin. So far, I've found nothing to admire, respect or agree with in terms of her political positions. I'm sure she's a very lovely person with many good qualities. Just none of the ones I want to see in someone who's a heartbeat away from the presidency.

I just sincerely hope that this very politically motivated and calculated pick backfires with both groups that he is trying to appease (radical right-wing Christians and the women who consider themselves "PUMA's").

Maria said...

I just don't get her as a choice. Other than pandering and assuming that she'd attract women voters (which I think undermines and disrespects women), I don't get the choice.

Little Things said...

I'm so totally with you! What an irresponsible choice by McCain. I absolutely am on board with your retro-sexist feelings - it's hard enough to have a 9-5 job and raise children, much less an infant with special needs - even if your spouse stays home with the kids (as mine did for 5 years).

Sarah Palin just isn't ready for the responsibility of the office of the VP - she never asked for the job, and she's miserably underqualified. It's a joke that so many folks with strong records were passed over for her - McCain's such a "maverICK". Ick.

Anonymous said...

You forgot one thing;McCainj would have to die;if the Dems win,we would already have an unqualified president;why did Obama stay 25 years in the Wright church(Wright among other outragiuos comments,in the name of God),claimed white people brought aids to black people.Obama onlyn chose to leave because it was politicaly benficial.Obama,while in the Illinois
stae gov.,used political expedience to the extreme,voting present over 130 times.
Obama decided he didn't want to debate McCain,so he only chose three debates;if Obama chose none that would be worse for him.Obama at least knows that sometimes both choices are negative,but he is forced to choose the least of those.Check Obama's past associates(besides Wright).If Barak was a republican,you dems would perpetualy be criticsing him.

Carol said...

I apologize in advance for sounding snooty, but please either learn to spell or learn to proof your fly-by comments. Also please learn to fact-check. I'm dizzy!

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