Wednesday, August 20, 2008

High Hopes

Tom and I, as completely different as we are, happen to both be Sagittarians -- though at completely different ends of the spectrum, with my birthday on 11/29 and his on 12/20. Neither of us normally put much stock into our horoscope, though we often read it for the sheer entertainment value.

Today our horoscope said this:

So after dinner we went out and did this:

As we drove the half mile home from Safeway, we discussed how we'd spend the loot if we won, a conversation that was worth every penny the $6 we paid for the tickets. First we'd pay for our kids' college educations -- all of it instead of fretting about it quarter by quarter and semester by semester. Then we'd set aside some money so the kids could buy houses... but because we wouldn't want to spoil them (heaven forbid!), it'd likely be some sort of matching-funds deal. Then we'd share with our siblings and parents -- from fun stuff like cars to huge family vacations and college educations for nieces and nephews. Then we'd each give two weeks notice at our jobs, but we'd continue to show up every day of those two weeks just to do fun stuff with our staffs, like take our co-workers to fancy lunches and buy them tickets to cool local events. Then...

...then we drove into our driveway and I headed to my office to get to work.

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