Saturday, August 09, 2008

August Adventures in Pullman (Because I Refuse to Call this Post Anything like "Saying Good-bye to Peter and Danelle")

After our dramatic ride to Pullman yesterday, we met up with Tom, Peter, Danelle, and Danelle's parents, grandparerts and uncle, who had left home hours earlier than we had -- Tom and Peter in the moving van, and everyone else in a caravan of cars. Good thing Tom and Peter missed the storm; that wouldn't have been pretty in the tall moving van!

Peter and Danelle have been together for four years now and have lived together most of that time -- but never in their own place. Danelle's family lives just a few blocks from us and they've had the same attitude as us: encourage them to concentrate on school and work, and allow them to live together without having to worry about rent. So they've had a room at Danelle's house and have spent lots of time at our house. But they've never had a place of their own -- until now.

This weekend Peter and Danelle officially began living in sin -- something Tom and I wholeheartedly encourage for a loving, committed couple who've been together for four years. They have a large 2 bedroom, 2 bath place close to campus and all 12 of us have come out to help them move boxes, assemble Ikea furniture (which will take all weekend!), and settle in.

Danelle and Peter would like to welcome you to their new home.

"C'mon in! ...Now get to work!" (Not really -- they'd never say that.)

Aleks knew there'd be lots of work to do, so he gathered strength during a morning nap. OK -- the morning nap part is true; the work part isn't! Aleks prefers mental work to physical work...
Tom started in on assembling the desk while Peter and Aleks encourage him wholeheartedly.

Kat put together a lamp...

...and then started in on the dresser!

Danelle assembled her new vacuum cleaner. Is there anything more exciting? (Hey, I totally relate to her "playing house" enthusiasm; I felt exactly the same way 26 years ago, when Tom and I first moved in together!)

Two Alexs. On the left is Danelle's grandfather and on the right... well, you know him!

And this is Danelle, her mom, and her grandmother. What great women -- all three of them!

Peter and Kat... brother and sister. Great buddies. He's so protective of her, which is really sweet.

When we finished unpacking boxes, we decided to take a look around the town and the Washington State University campus. This is the Theta Chi fraternity house. Aleks is a member of University of Washington's chapter of Theta Chi.

Doesn't the back of the fraternity house look like it belongs in some movie?

Checking out the stadium...
And the bell tower...
Are you wondering where Elisabeth is? We are too! (Not really -- she's home in Seattle, living her busy life... and pet-sitting for us.)

The buildings on campus are really pretty. Here's another one that looks like it belongs in a movie. (The witch lives in that tower, don'tcha think?)
One little bunny decided to pose for Kat...
Cute, eh? Good thing Boo's not here...

Peter calls Danelle to coordinate where to meet for dinner.
Super Tom! What a goofball!
Can you see the Pallouse in the background? The wheat fields just go on and on for miles...

Peter, Danelle and families thank you for your visit. (This is their guestroom.) Goodbye from WAZZU!

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PEACE said...

Wow, lots of work, but how cool they had everyone to help. We just moved our daughter and boyfriend up to Reno, they are going to school at UNR and it too is a lovely old campus with great buildings. Unfortunately, there was just me and the hubs, we worked our butts off. But the end result was good. Nice to see others going through the same scene. My hubs really boo-hoo'd when we had to leave. I don't think he understands the real party attitude of his daughter who couldn't wait for us to leave!

Anonymous said...

"Living in sin"... tee hee! (Kind of like, "oh, we need to find a pay phone!")

Goofball said...

oooh getting your own place to live and getting your own furtniture and little stuff is indeed very fun, even if it is a personal vacuum and soap for washing the dishes....until you actually have to use them :p. I remember I was very excited to shop for tools, equiment and utility products for my own appartment too. I can totally related to Danelles big smile!

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