Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lenmar Batteries Almost Burned Down Our House! (A Product Review)

Posted on Lenmar Enterprises Website today:

Dear Lenmar Enterprises,

I left a message at the above number.

I bought your Lenmar Charge-ables batteries and inserted them into my (Digital Concepts) battery charger at home, just as I often do with a variety of brands of batteries. A few hours after inserting the batteries, I happened to come into my office and noticed that there was an odd sound coming from the charger -- and, upon closer inspection, I found that the charger was slightly dented, smoke was coming from it, and there was literally a BOILING sound coming from the batteries, like the insides were actually boiling!

I immediately unplugged the charger. Even 20 minutes later, it was hot and boiling, and crackling sounds continued to come from the batteries. Needless to say, both the batteries and the charger are destroyed. A white gritty liquid spilled all over the charger and the batteries have some sticky substance on them as well.

Thankfully, our house still stands -- probably because I found the problem just moments before it became a catastrophe.

So here's my question: how can you avoid having this happen to someone else?

Yes -- since this happened I did read the fine print (TINY print!) on the side of the battery which stated that Lenmar batteries should only be used in a Lenmar charger. But I buy many different brands of batteries and I always use them in my charger. As long as they fit -- and these did -- how should I know that they might cause a fire? If they didn't fit, or if there had been an obvious warning (maybe a warning label which I'd have to remove before using the batteries), at least I'd have been sufficiently warned. But tiny print in the middle of other tiny print on batteries that fit just fine in my charger, doesn't seem to me to be sufficient warning.

You didn't do enough to ensure my safety.

I will pursue this because I don't want it to happen to someone else. What are YOU doing to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else?



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PEACE said...

Wow, that's scary, I too put any rechargeable batteries in the charger...if the shoe fits sort of thing.

Maria said...

That's crazy!!!

Goofball said...

we've had that as well with some US bought charger...don't remember the brand though

Anonymous said...

Wow!... All I have to say is that I have kids running around the house and it is most definitely a necessity to have some sort of smoke detector in your house..
Just in case of a fire then hopefully we can get a hold of it before it gets a hold of us! :(

jgoldberg said...

I know a way you could stop this from happening, read the directions. You put rechargeable alkaline batteries into a Nickel-Metal Hydride battery charger. It is my understanding that Lenmar sells Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries which would be compatible with that charger, but those aren't them.

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