Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trippy, man!

This is a Facebook conversation between Aleks and a heretofore unknown girl who's also in the "University of Washington Class of 2012" group, consisting of thousands of random incoming freshmen.

Is this wild, or what?!



August 19 at 2:47pm

lol its exciting for me!! I live in a desert! I live in R****


August 19 at 3:37pm

Ohhh I used to live there! By like an Albertson's or something when I was like 4 haha. Yeah that place definitely is a desert tho, you'll definitely like Seattle!


August 20 at 7:05am

no way! i live right be albertsons lol. We hang out in the parking lot sometimes cause its so lame here. its sad.


August 20 at 1:37pm

haha thats wild. idk it was like...up a hill, in a neighborhood. and there was a park and playground and stuff. but yeah i know what you mean, i live in w***** and there isn't shit to do here most of the time either. next year won't be anythign like that :)


August 20 at 9:10pm

dude, your trippin me out. I live up a hill, in a neighborhood and theres a park and playground. i live in a cul-de-sac and theres like a path that goes to the park! but yea, this year should be legit!


Today at 4:48am

haha i think thats exactly where i lived... like there was definitly a path to the park...and this girl named christina used to live like across the street, she was lebanese...


Today at 3:33pm

WTFFFF. holy shit. i think you lived in my house. No joke. Christina lives across the street. 178 n***** place?? This is so weird.


Today at 5:01pm

holy shit im so tripped out right now, yeah thats it. WTFWTFWTFWTF. haha this is sooooo wiiiillllddddddd, i just told my parents and they were like "yeah we did all the landscaping and laid down the rocks (?) and left them a gift basket before we left, i remember the name k*****." im actually tripped out right now so bad its not even funny. my room was like, up the stairs and to the left in like that big bonus room.


Today at 5:37pm

NOOOOOO WAY! THATS MY ROOM. hahaha this is scary. super weird. like what are the chances.

(And it goes on...)

Have I said it before? I LOVE THE INTERNET!!

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! Wow...

And yes, I LOVE the internet!

jennifer said...

Oh that's a great story. So now the two of them are going to meet in person once classes start at the UW, right?

Carol said...

Before that, actually! Apparently they'll meet this weekend at a party.


Jen said...

That is waaaaayyyyyy too funny! It was like our Tunnel Road exchange.

Goofball said...


J said...

This gives new meaning to 'the world is a small place'.

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