Saturday, July 19, 2008

What a Pile of Shed!

While I was cleaning the garage today -- and while Tom and I loaded the truck full of junk and brought it to the local recycling event, where they take everything from wood to oil to batteries to clothes and household items -- Peter stayed home and "demo'd" (demolished) the shed in our backyard. And it was about time! The floor was so rotten and wet that we couldn't even stand in the shed anymore, and the roof was growing a moss forest!

Oh, to be young, strong and full of energy! In about an hour, the shed went from this

to this

And in the next hour, it went from this

to this

to this

and finally, squeaking through the new landscaping (phew!), to this

thanks, at that point, to teamwork between Tom and Peter.

I made a good amount of progress in the garage today, but will be back in there tomorrow, going through old paints, varnishes, and other gooey crud, and attempting to give some order to tools, fasteners, and a gazillion other things, large and small, that need organizing.

Here's where I left things this evening:

-- and oh my god, does my old 51-year-old body hurt!

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Maria said...

Wait. You're 51? No way! ;-)

jennifer said...

Hey, we're the same age! :-) I graduated from HHS in Burien in 1975, where were you then?

Looks like you are making GREAT progress on the garage! And that shed-demo as well... Way to go everyone! That's the part that makes me love the clean-out: looking at the organized results. I can admire my post-cleaning-organization for hours.

I had good intentions to do my garage this weekend also, but the nice weather got the best of me and I did a 60-mile bike ride instead. Heading out for another ride today. Uhhhh, the cleaning will have to wait!

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