Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spying On My Guys

Boo would make a terrible spy. I knew something was up when I saw him guarding...

Guarding nothing?

Oh wait! Is that a head?

And another head?

Oh, how cute! It's father and son, digging in the dirt!

I think they're digging all the way to China!

Just kidding. They're not playing in the dirt. They're halfway down a fairly steep hill, digging holes in which to pour concrete for the pillar footings for the new shed -- which will be much closer to the house and more convenient than that-thar shed of the past waaaay down the hill near the forest. (And I love that we'll now have an unobstructed view of the forest!)

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Nora said...

I love your view! So jealous.

Anonymous said...

Home ownership can sometimes be bizarre.

PEACE said...

Aw, Seattle looks so very cool. Vegas is blistering hot. Just found your blog as I am home recovering from surgery and going absolutely stir crazy!

You have your own forest? We only have desert, we have to plant every tree in our yard then pray or give sacrifices to the tree gods and hope it lives through the first summer....usually not likely.

Glad to find another baby boomer with adult kids, seems I was finding nothing but newby moms.

Ashley said...

I LOVE the forest in your backyard! I have a townhouse in Lynnwood, and my dream is to buy a house in a few years with a forest in my backyard like that! I just found your blog off Seattle Mom Blogs, and it's great!

Goofball said...

hahah they look like some boy scouts that are up for something

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