Thursday, July 10, 2008

This Begs for a "Give that Photo a Name" Contest!

As I've mentioned before, the projects I work on have numerous component tasks to them -- and each task within each project is linked to at least one other task, making the whole thing like a delicate house of cards that can come crashing down at any moment if one piece is missing or mis-handled. To keep it all in order, I use a wonderful program called ViewPath (no, I don't use Microsoft Project!) which allows me to print a Gantt chart of each project. This is the Gantt chart for my biggest current project. Each line represents a distinct task for a distinct component. Pretty crazy, eh?

I am project manager, hear me roar! And whine. And bitch. (And crow...)

So I laid it out on the floor and Shasta just had to be part of it -- though I'm not sure how she feels about it all!

What do YOU think? Give that photo a name!

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Andrea M said...

I'd rather NAP than do that!

Anonymous said...

thought it must be a print out of all those balls in the air that you mentioned a while back

Amber said...

"Work Apnea"

Hope you are having a great summer in your off hours!

Goofball said...

I look likes an earthquake graph....I hope the projects don't ressemble earthquakes!

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