Sunday, July 13, 2008

Transformation of a Livingroom

Peter and Danelle will be taking our old blue/flowered couches with them to Washington State next month, so Tom and I have been (finally) buying some new furniture.

We bought a sofa and chair a few months ago, but only finally picked them up today (along with a rug that we found at Macy's outlet).

(Kat? Daddy's princess? Naw...!) She's Shasta's QUEEN! We always try to bring a toy for the animals when we go out. (Not.)

I dunno. I'm thinking that the chair is definitely the wrong color and maybe even the wrong style (much as we love mission style furniture). What do you think?

Addendum: I added some pillows for color... because YOU told me to! (I agree -- it looks better!)

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Maria said...

I dig the chair. I'm unsure of the couch... need another picture maybe? Overall, it looks classy though. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks classy and I like Mission Style, but it screams for some color (in my humble opinion).

Home's Jewels said...

Is it the different types of leather that is throwing you off, or the color. It would be easier (for blog readers) to tell if you got a picture with both couch and chair together. Is one brown and the other burgundy?

I love the earth tones. As far as the poster who said you need another color - perhaps you can add color by painting your walls another color.

I like both pieces of furniture a lot - love mission style.

Anonymous said...

The chair is great! The coffee table is the wrong style to go with Mission though. It looks off. And you really need some color in that room. Maybe a little color on the walls?

jennifer said...

Your living room looks very classy - I LOVE your piano!!! (*jealous of piano*)

I just bought a new loveseat and chair very similar to yours - mission style, maybe even the same stain. I think it is a "Morris Chair." I too have wood floors and various different wood pieces in the same room, so I chose a burgundy faux-suede so I wouldn't have yet another shade of brown (brown fabric, brown wood, brown rug) in there. And also like you I have cats, and I have managed to successfully keep them from shredding the faux-suede.

Anonymous said...

I sure would like to know the secret of keeping cats from shredding any furniture! We have to cover our new couch up in plastic every night before going to bed. Good thing we love the buggers!

Anonymous said...

Definitely needs colour; add cushions (you may want to change colours with the seasons) but tomato, pumpkin or even limes for the summer? or brighter richer rug colour, if you think you could live with it? Heh, we can easily comment as we don't have to buy it ;-)

Jen said...

I love the look... and those windows! And I agree that a pillow or two would throw in some color. What a lovely room you have, though!

Carol said...

Thanks for all your comments! I found some sage green and maroon pillows at Costco last night and added them to bring out some of the colors in the stonework on the fireplace as well as in the rug. Better (scroll down to see new photo)? :-)


Ann(ie) said...

LOOKS so good!! I love me that chair!

Markus Roder said...

Hey Carol,

I might start to bug you after a while (being a little know-it-all), but home design is one of my fortes. Don't tell Jen, though.. she thinks she's way better at it.

If you want, both of uy can advise you by Skype or iChat :).

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