Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pondering Spontaneity

There's been a lot of talk about spontaneity around here lately. Last week when my cousin Claudia and her daughter were here, Sophia had her ears pierced, something she'd been looking forward to for a few months, and which she and her mom had planned for the trip.

Cute, eh?
After Sophia's ears were pierced, Claudia encouraged me to get a second piercing in each ear, urging me -- with my daughters' full and vocal support -- to "just be spontaneous" and do it... because "once we hit 50 (which she just did), those things become important." After deliberating for about 10 nano-seconds I decided she was right and I subjected myself to the pain and torture of a second piercing. And, in an act of solidarity, Claudia joined in and had a third piercing in one of her ears!

Rebels, aren't we?Claudia and Sophia left yesterday and I miss them already! So much so that I attribute and dedicate today's spontaneous act to them.

I cut my hair! And for me it's a fairly radical cut. This is how much hair Tahni cut off:

Don't ever say this 51-year-old broad ain't spontaneous! Look what I did! Eeeeeek!

Let me know what you think -- with extra gentleness if you hate it because I'm feeling kinda vulnerable right now. You've been here; you understand. Right?

But I'm OK with my double piercings now.

And speaking of the unexpected and spontaneity -- it rained all day today! On July 29th! OK, maybe that's not entirely unexpected, this being Seattle and all, but this little guy hanging out on our front steps took me by surprise:

Doesn't it look like mid-February in our front yard? See all that wet dirt and those glistening pathways? Now do you see why most Seattleites don't have a sprinkler system? Who needs one here?! (Sigh.)

What's the last really spontaneous thing YOU did?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the haircut- it suits you well.

I got my second ear holes way back when I was 23, well before it was fashionable. I don't think I want any more though. I barely use the second set of holes as it is.


Anonymous said...

I got my second and third ear holes (the third in one ear only) in my late thirties, but don't ever use them anymore.

The haircut looks great. In my humble opinion, shorter looks better after you get to be a "certain" age. Or maybe it's just because I'm jealous because my hair is so thin that I could not ever grow it long. I'm actually getting bald spots in the back. Eeeek!

jen said...

oh my god. your hair looks fantastic. i'm so jealous.

i have 2nd piercings and use them exclusively for my diamonds. the first holes i use for whatever goes with my outfit.

I disagree a bit with renate about being of a certain age and needing to cut your hair. I think shoulder length looks good on women of all ages.

I think the hair cut actually makes you look younger, hipper and infinately more spontaneous.

Maria said...

Hot momma! Jeez louise lady, the hair looks great, and so does the earring. :)

As for me... um... I've done nothing. I am lame.

Anonymous said...

That new haricut really suits you! You are braver than me with the ear piercing though. eek!

anno said...

LOVE the haircut -- it's gorgeous, very sophisticated! Harbor no regrets!

As dashing over here to comment is about the most spontaneous thing I've done in a long time, maybe it's time for me to try something more daring, too?

Anonymous said...

Jen, when I said "shorter looks better", I didn't mean "short-short". Should length looks just great.

Goofball said...

the haircut is really cool. Seriously I don't just comment to please you!

Hurray for spontaneity!!! Carpe Diem.

AmberBee said...

I love your hair, it is very pretty. I like the second ear holes too!
As for being spontaneous... I have a 7 month old. It takes serious planning just to shower and brush my teeth in the mornings. :)

Rositta said...

I too got my second piercings in my 50's and use them always. I love your haircut, by the way and if you think you have a lot of rain, we are under our third extreme thunder storm watch in two days. We have now broken a rainfall record for July of 193 mm...that's three times the normal for us. Guess we got your weather...ciao

Anonymous said...

Your new haircut is so cute! (And you are so fortunate to have such thick and pretty hair!) Hmm, maybe a spontaneous "goal" for me would be to get me a couple pair of nice diamond studs, then gather up the courage to get that second set of piercings! (Diamonds would be a great motivator...)

jen said...

phew, renate. All i could think of was the q-tip doo.

let me just say for the record, diamonds are a great motivator for a second hole. but make sure you get the security backs if you plan on leaving them in all the time.

Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

Love it!

Cindy Fey said...

You haircut is really cute!

Shriyansi said...

Ok, now we have the same hair! My cut is almost exactly the same.. with a little lenght difference here and there!

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