Friday, December 28, 2007

Busy Days!

I've been posting very short tidbits and a lot of pictures because life has been so crazy-busy lately! Dad and Lou arrived on the 22nd and left on the 26th, and Tom's mother and brother arrived on the 27th and will stay until the 2nd. Today Kat will have her wisdom teeth extracted and on New Years Day, I will complete three FAFSA forms (federal financial aid applications), each of which require significant preparation.

(And my Google Reader indicates that I have yet to read 373 of your posts. I'll try to get to them! I hope you're not feeling neglected!)

Oh, and of course I must continue to nag the kids to apply for scholarships (grrrrrr!). For some reason they seem to believe that the potential for winning any scholarships is next-to-nothing and not worth the effort involved. But, upon the advice of the financial aid adviser, I've set myself up as the "gatekeeper," forwarding applicable scholarship opportunities to them and offering to do all the other administrative tasks. "Send us a video of your best air guitar performance" says one $500 scholarship (that went to Aleks). "Send us a photos with your best smile." That one went to Kat. It's amazing how many scholarships are out there, some of them based on quite bizarre criteria (although most do require the typical "why I deserve this scholarship" essay). I DO expect the kids to each win a few, even if they don't believe that they can!

And now it's time to bring poor Kat to the oral surgeon. We stocked up on soft and mushy foods yesterday, including berries and vanilla ice cream for fruit smoothies, the ONLY part of this ordeal she's looking forward to at all.

And sorry, I've been strictly prohibited from shooting any photos of the whole thing.

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Goofball said...

I was actually thinking of you and your children's teeth this morning! Good luck, I hope they are not suffering too much pain.

Jen said...

It sounds busy, busy, busy! I hope Kat's okay. We've been away visiting relatives and it's fun to catch up today!

Anonymous said...

So just Kat is getting teeth pulled this go round? That'll be easier on you!

Any word about UW admission? Or about your last interview?? Still on pins and needles for you!


Carol said...

Thanks for all the kind well-wishes! Kat is home, puffy, watching "Ratatoille," and being spoiled rotten by me, Tom, three siblings, Nana and her uncle Craig!

She's still awaiting news from UW, as is Aleks. All this waiting is tough!

I, however, heard from the family time management software company in Seattle where I interviewed last week. In another huge disappointment, I was told that, although I was an "absolute cultural fit" (i.e., they like my personality and I'd fit in well with the rest of the group), I'm apparently not enough of a "developer" (i.e., programmer type). This baffled me for two reasons: 1.) the job description didn't refer to any technical requirements and 2.) I was asked ONE techie question in 4+ hours of interviewing. ("What's the difference between Java script and cascading style sheets?" I didn't know...)

HOWEVER, the CEO of Smilebox, the software I used to create our electronic holiday card that I posted a few days ago, contacted me in response to a rather unorthodox "application" I sent them -- a video Aleks took of me gushing about the software and touting my qualifications, along with some resume-type copy and some photos, all embedded into THEIR software! Turns out they're just down the street from us! I'll meet with the CEO on the 3rd!

I guess I should post about this... but maybe I'll wait till after the 3rd. The incessant discouraging news is getting embarrassing!

Thanks for asking! Back to nurse duties with Kat...!


Anonymous said...

I hope Kat's face doesn't turn black and blue after the extraction. I looked like someome punched me in the jaw after mine. I hated to leave the house for two weeks until the bruise faded.

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