Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mr. Tommy Remodel

Tom just finished a little "filler" project that kept him busy while rain fell incessantly on our new landscaping, preventing him from creating any more waterfalls, rock walls or dry creek beds:

In the past 12 years Tom has pretty much rebuilt our house and turned a drab, hastily-built 1977 split-level box into a beautiful, custom-designed, craftsman-built home. I've only included a few photos in this before-and-after slideshow because, stupid me, I didn't take "before" photos of all the rooms!

My Mr. Remodel has single-handedly (well, I provide encouragement!) completely remodeled our house, from installation of ceramic tile and hardwood floors throughout (probably the most major change), to replacing two ugly brick fireplaces with gorgeous river rock ones, to installing French doors in the dining room, to completely remodeling two bathrooms (one to go!), to replacing light fixtures, a banister, and all kinds of other "small weekend jobs."

The next big project will be the kitchen, but I've forbidden Tom from attempting that because -- well, because I really can't do without my kitchen for a year or two (he's good, but he's s-l-o-w).

The man deserves a rest and a trip to sunny Maui! (No dear, that's not a Christmas present hint... You wish!)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like our home. "We" have pretty much redone every room, including the kitchen floor three times. Hubby is handy with everything, so he has done most of the work himself. Now that our addition is done (which was too much of a job for one man), we are thinking about redoing the kitchen. He wants to push out an outside wall to make it larger. I'm reluctant, as I wouldn't want to do without my kitchen for too long either. On the other hand, it would be nice to have a larger kitchen!

Becky said...

Can I borrow your "handy" man for a while? You can have mine in exchange. He can fix or update all your computers! But don't let him change even a lightbulb. Trust me.

Blog Antagonist said...

OOh. Color me green with envy. My husband has many talents. He is a technological whiz. I have high speed internet, wi-fi, digital everything. Everything in my home interfaces with everything else.

He manages our investments with savvy and finessse. We will be comfortable in our retirement. He balances our checkbook and always finds money when the well is seemingly dry. He takes care of all the household minutaie, lawn care service, pest control, etc., etc. AND..he coaches little league and basektball.

But the man is no Bob Villa. There are things in our home that are literally falling apart. Anything that we don't have the money to pay someone to do...doesn't get done.

It can be maddening sometimes.

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