Saturday, December 29, 2007

25 Things That are Good for the Soul

  1. A warm bubble bath (preferably candle-lit).
  2. A heart-to-heart.
  3. Solitude.
  4. Company.
  5. A pen and paper.
  6. Paints and a canvas.
  7. Fresh air.
  8. A hug.
  9. A waterfall, trees, and a trail.
  10. Forging a trail where there isn't one.
  11. A kiss. (Short, long, friendly, passionate -- and everything in between.)
  12. A healthy debate -- with resolution.
  13. Loving unconditionally... and feeling unconditionally loved.
  14. Smiling, laughing, giggling, guffawing.
  15. A new country. A new language. A new cultural experience.
  16. Music -- specifically, Dance of the Blessed Spirit by Christoph Gluck.
  17. Crayons.
  18. Hearing from a dear old friend who you thought was gone forever.
  19. Mashed potatoes.
  20. A baby. And a toddler.
  21. Kittens. And cats.
  22. A rose garden.
  23. Sleep. And sleeping in.
  24. Candles.
  25. A soulmate.

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Rositta said...

Carol that list is dead on. Mostly we know this stuff but get too caught up in day to day life. Hopefully it is a reminder, not only to me but all your readers that we really need to "stop and smell the roses" as they say...ciao

Jen said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more! Lovely list, Carol.

Goofball said...

oh yes! but once again I wouldn't ad mashed patotoes that high in the list.

She-She C said...

What a perfect time to post your top 25! May your days in 2008 be filled with things that make you smile .. inside and out.

Anonymous said...

26. Crayons

Carol said...

OMG, YES!! Crayons! SO important that I'll either add one or replace one!


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