Monday, December 03, 2007

More Photos of Seattle Flooding

I left home once today to run to the store to get a few ingredients for the big pot of turkey soup I'm making. When I was at the grocery store I met Debbie, who had just snapped these photos. She was nice enough to send them to me, allowing me to post them so people can see what this region is dealing with right now.

Aleks and Kat's high school is just a stone's throw from where these pictures were taken. No wonder Aleks couldn't get home for about three hours! (Kat is still in sunny San Diego, wearing a t-shirt and playing on the beach!)

Tom came home early today, trying to avoid some other weather-related memories of former commuting misery.

Here's some raw video of some flooding in our town:

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Rositta said...

Wow, don't know what to say. Makes our 15 cm of snow seem like nothing. There were some parts of Toronto that were flooded because of the rapid melting of the snow after 24 hours of heavy rain, but nothing like that though, stay safe...ciao

A Slice of My Life said...

Isn't this insane??? What were you doing out in that earlier? You're nuts. :)

The girls keep wanting to check the distict website to see if they've posted no school tomorrow.

Susan at A Slice of Life

She-She C said...

Hello Carol. Thanks for all you help and guidance in setting up my Blog.

Goofball said...

oh my gosh that is sadly impressive! How fast did that come?

mks said...

Wow that is some crazy flooding. I hope you are all home and dry and staying inside!

Jen said...

My goodness, Carol - I hope you were all okay. This looks crazy!

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