Thursday, December 13, 2007

Recipe for a (Near) Disaster in Gray Seattle


1 immense gray Seattle sky
1,000,000 gray raindrops
1 dark gray car
1 light gray car
1 gray road
1 graying woman

Insert graying woman into dark gray car. Place gray car on gray road. Drive through gray skies. Sprinkle gray rain generously over dark gray car. Spread gray rain evenly over gray road. Proceed in gray car on gray road. Begin to turn left on (green) light.

Light gray car! Don't you see it? LIGHT GRAY CAR!

Slam right foot of graying woman on brake of dark gray car in order to oh-so-narrowly miss front end of light gray car.

Curse the gray skies, gray road, gray rain, gray car... and gray mood.

Notice sprouting of 117 new gray hairs.

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Goofball said...

thanks for sharing your recipe, but I'd rather try a different recipe this weekend.

blackcrag said...

Whenever I'm trying new recipes, i concentrate on the result, not the process, and you had a good result here.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many cars around here are gray too. You'd think those bring yellow ones would become uber popular. I'm glad you're ok..well, except for those extra hairs...

Susan at A Slice of Life

Betsy said...


Maria said...

My mood is gray. Dark Gray. Oh, who am I kidding. My mood is black, but I am still glad that all you got were a few gray hairs!

Berlinbound said...

Gray is my new best friend - what choice do we have?

Brown in a bottle?


anno said...

My stylist calls it "platinum." Sounds good to me.

I'm glad you're ok, and I hope your gray day ended with warm comforts and sustaining treats.

Hope you don't mind if I pass on your "recipe."

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