Saturday, October 28, 2006

Merchandising Idea

This is my hotflash-friendly fleece pullover.

Hotflashes are a grand waste of time in themselves, but to make the whole ordeal worse, I waste a huge amount of time putting on and taking off clothes. (And unfortunately it's not half as much fun at this age as it was in my twenties.)

When you put on and take off the same pullover 40 times a day, it helps a lot if you don't have to double that already-wasted time by turning the damn thing right-side-out every single time. And that's why I love my fully reversible gray and pink fleece pullover. One minute I'm stylin' in pink and the next minute I'm dazzling in gray. My trusty fleece pullover just cycles that way throughout the day -- from pink (alright, who fiddled with the thermostat?)... to gray (who opened all the doors and windows?)... to pink (time for another shower)... to gray (where's my down throw?)... with nary a moment wasted!

Now I just need a name for my merchandising idea.

"Quick-Change (of Life)"?

"Reverse (the Clock!)"?

Dammit -- my brain truly has turned to mush.

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