Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Bachelor

I have a dirty little secret. I'll tell you if you promise not to tell anyone. ;-)

I have been addicted to The Bachelor. For almost three years I have snuck off every Monday night, holed myself up in the bedroom and watched this silly little show. I got hooked when the sparks between Krista and Ryan were flying in all directions from our own Space Needle years ago... and I guess I've been waiting and hoping to see the same realism and romance since.

Last night I decided that it's just not gonna happen. I am finally willing to admit it. The show has become stupid, trite, and overly-dramatic. It's now obviously 99.5% scripted and produced, whereas I believe that applied to maybe 50% of it in its earlier years. After this season (I still like Lisa, though I do believe Sadie to be sincere... ), I'm quitting cold turkey, I promise.

Gray's Anatomy is my new drug.

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1 comment:

Dixie said...

You feel better now that you got that confession out, don't you? :)

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