Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Kitty for Kat

Just a little over a week after we said good-bye to Allegro, we're pleased to announce the latest addition to our family, Baily! (She's a 17th birthday present for Kat.)

Shasta is thrilled about having a new playmate around and if only she knew how much bigger she is than Baily, we could let her loose. She tries to be gentle, but just gets over-excited! Her tail-wag alone could send poor Baily across the room. Baily is completely unafraid of Shasta and I have a feeling they'll be good buddies within days -- or pounds.

Boo, on the other hand, can't believe we have the audacity to bring a feline into the house! (I'd have said another feline, but Boo is sure he's a dog.) He's pissed -- and he's not afraid to show it! Until today, I'd never heard (nor even imagined) Boo growling or hissing. After all, he IS King of the Kingdom around here! I hope he'll get over it; if he doesn't, we'll have a definite problem!

Stand by...

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Jonathon Morgan said...

You guys are so lucky!!! We've been dying to have a new pet in the house for awhile now, but don't have the time for a dog and are allergic to cats.

Sigh. The new cat looks adorable!

Justin said...

Its so sad to know about you jonathon..but we are happy with our small pet family..and you too can 've a look into my post on my feline tell me how was it..

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