Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No-Photo Post

I have a feeling that if I went around the halls of Microsoft snapping photos I'd be apprehended (and fired) real quick-like. So I won't.

But if I could, I'd take pictures of all the posters and flyers I see around campus (not sure if they're Microsoft-sanctioned or not) dealing with the theme of STRESS: "Do you experience job-related stress that affects your home life, sleep patterns, mood, sex life? (OK, I made that last one up.) We're here to help! Our offices are just blocks from the Microsoft campus! Ping us at xxx.com!" If it weren't so sad, it'd be kinda entertaining.

There are also posters for maid services, come-to-you financial services and scrapbooking services (so someone else can document your life). And Microsoft officially offers to pick up and drop off your dry cleaning, do your grocery shopping (with delivery -- to your office, of course) and even offers things like diapers and cut flowers right on campus, so you can spend more time at work and less time attending to your family.

Of course, all of the above perks are offered to "blue badgers" (employees, as differentiated from contractors, or "orange badgers") only. So my house is mine to clean, groceries are mine to shop and dry cleaning is mine to pick up. And I am just fine with that!

Flowers would be nice though.

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