Saturday, October 14, 2006

Homecoming Morning (Prep)

Tonight is the Big Night: The High School Homecoming Dance! This is not just an evening gig; it is an all-day gig.

Background story: We have two almost-17-year-olds, twins Aleks and Kat. You can imagine the drama around homecoming day! Aleks had asked one girl to go to Homecoming with him. She said yes, and apparently both of them were all excited about it. A few days later, Aleks was at a party with his future date, his best friend, and other friends. (Drama warning:) He walked in on his date and his best friend making out! Long story short -- Aleks backed out "on principle" (I agree), so now he's not going to Homecoming. However, he will be "chilling" with his two new German exchange student friends (freundinen), and believe me, there's plenty of drama there, too. Something about one of the girls liking him, but him liking her friend, the other exchange student. I'm sure there's more to it than that, but I'll have to prod a bit. Stand by...

Kat IS going to Homecoming tonight, with Tim Ip (love the name!), a guy she's pretty much had a crush on for a year now. Tim is extremely shy (like Kat's dad!) and only managed to ask Kat to Homecoming with the help of her best friend, who helped him rig lights on the school football field, spelling "homecoming?". They kidnapped Kat at 2 AM (yup, I was in on it), put a pillowcase over her head, and brought her to the high school where Tim presented her with a rose and "lit the invitation." Cute, eh?

So today's the big day, and preparations began early (see "before" photo, below). Kat came with me to Weight Watchers (it's very slow but steady in the right direction), then we went to get her boutonnière (no that's not a fish bowl!), followed -- of course -- by a trip to Starbucks.

Elisabeth will come home (from her wonderful little house in Seattle) to be part of the whole thing and reminisce about her own high school years oh so long ago. (NOT!) After we take pictures of the kids all gussied up (of course I'll post again with those pictures), Elisabeth and I will go pick up Eva, the German exchange student (not one of those mentioned above) for whom I'm a liasion, and we'll do a "girls shopping evening."

It should be a good day. These days, I really never know how the day will pan out... Stay tuned for the Homecoming Evening post!

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J said...

Great pics. I think I like the pumpkin one the best.

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