Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm Either Hard-Up or an Effective Networker (or Both!)

I sent this e-mail to my entire professional network. Hey, who knows where I might find that one critical nibble...?

Hello Network Friends,

Over the years, I have found professional networking to be the most reliable and fruitful (and even enjoyable) aspect of looking for work, so I am once again appealing to you and any contacts you might have as I search for a permanent position in the field of education/edutainment media development.

As of October 27th, my contracting stint as a Program Manager (actually, more of an "education advocate") with Microsoft will come to an end. During my 20+ year career, I have designed and developed media products and programs for companies like Disney, Edmark, Humongous, AOL, SRA-McGraw-Hill, and Microsoft, and I hope to go from here to that "keeper job," the one that feels right for all involved, where I can settle in and contribute long-term to designing and developing products and programs that teach, inspire and entertain.

Might you (or your contacts) know of a position or have a lead that I might pursue? I can work locally or remotely, at home or in an office, in sweats or in a suit. I'd prefer work that utilizes my leadership and organizational skills, sparks my creativity, and inspires my passion for quality media -- video, print, software, manipulatives or programs that include a variety of positive and inspirational media. I have attached a chronological resume; in addition, you'll find links to both my web portfolio and my LinkedIn profile in my sig line.
(Bloggers, my LinkedIn profile is also in the sidebar!)

Please feel free to forward this e-mail as you see fit. Thanks in advance!


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