Sunday, May 04, 2014

München: Days one and two

Blogging from the Chromebook is turning out to be a major hassle (excruciatingly slow uploads, kludgy interface, and an inability to access and upload from my phone). So it looks like I'll be blogging from my phone instead. Unfortunately, that means that I won't be able to post the better photos from our SLR until we return. :-(

We are having a blast! The flights were uneventful. It was odd having almost no night time at all, as we flew through Rekyavick, Iceland. The sun set and then immediately rose again!

Laura, our "third daughter," who lived with us for a year in 2005-2006, was in München to greet us. It's been SO great to see her and be a family of seven again!

Within an hour. We were at Peter's favorite watering hole in München, Braustube Augustiner. where there also happened to be amazingly delicious food!

After dinner, we took a walk to the Marienplatz (where Peter did some photobombing) and did some shopping. 

The next morning, Tom, the three girls and I took a walk to and around Englisher Garten, by way of the Theaterskirche, one of my mom's favorite places in Munchen, where I lit a candle for her. I miss her so much when I come back to her Heimat!

The Englisher Garten is so beautiful and peaceful - and right in the middle of the big city! 

Aaaand there's also surfing there. Seriously, river surfing!

Guess if you don't have Hawaii or California - or any ocean -at your disposal, this is the next best thing!

When we returned from our walk, our OTHER German daughter, Eva, for whom I was a liaison when she was an exchange student in 2005-2006, had arrived! And now we're were a family of eight!  

Off we went to the Frühlingafest, München's springtime Oktoberfest. Elisabeth wore my mother's lederhosen, Kat wore my old dirndl, and Peter wore a great pair of lederhosen that Eva had given him for his birthday. Photos don't do the whole thing justice! (And I can't seem to post videos to my blog from my phone). But here's an attempt:

Today we'll slow things down a bit and perhaps just do some shopping before Peter, Aleks, and Kat head to Zagreb on an overnight train. Tom, Elisabeth, and I will explore the Alps and Vienna before we all meet up again in Budapest on Saturday.

Bis später, tschuss!

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Love your update and all the pictures!!

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