Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dinner and an evening walk in Budapest.

We're all together again! We arrived in Budapest around mid-afternoon and Peter, Aleks, and Kat arrived just an hour or so later. How odd to meet your own family on the street corner in a foreign country!

Our hostel is in the middle of everything, with this amazing view of St. Stepen's bascillica...

...and yet it's quite hidden away in a big old building that has been partially renovated but is in serious need of further renovation. This is the elevator...

....that takes you to this, um, ledge...

...which you have to navigate (see how the top floors have been renovated but the lower floors haven't?) to get to our apartment - which is actually quite comfortable. 

Once we all re-grouped a bit in our two rooms, we headed to a nearby restaurant that was recommended by Andrew, the guy who owns the hostel -- and also happens to be the best friend of the boyfriend of Lavinia, who was Laura's best friend when they were both exchange students in Washington. Got that?!

The food was AMAZING!! Can't you just taste it?!

After dinner, some of us decided to take a short stroll (HA HA... short? Are you KIDDING ME?!) from Pest, where we ate dinner, across the Chain Bridge, to Buda. 

At this point I think the pictures might just speak for themselves. I was awe-struck! Does it impact you the same way at all?

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1 comment:

Margaret said...

Many European cities affect me that way: some that I've visited in Austria and Switzerland come to mind. The villages in the south of France. I need to go back!

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