Monday, May 05, 2014

Day three in München: some things we like and some things we don't like

Things we like:

German breakfast!

Die Frauenkirche. 

Die St. Michael Kirche. 

Finding the perfect Bavarian candle (the one on the left) to replace the one that I've burned on Christmas Eve for the past ten years in honor of my mother. 

Eis Kaffe und Küchen!

Eating dinner at the same restaurant where my parents had their wedding day celebration in 1951. 

Things we don't like:


Saying goodbye. :-(

Getting on the train...

...then off again because the reservation was made for the wrong day. (Crap!!)

But, in the end, it was actually a thing we like because the conductor allowed Peter, Aleks, and Kat to travel to Zagreb today instead. (Now we just hope that their hostel reservation date was correct!)

The weather today in München was glorious! Fingers crossed that the weather tomorrow in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is just as beautiful for our trip up the Zugspitze!

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jmaier said...

Thanks for posting the pix, Carol! It's great to re-visit
München again even if it is only online.

Margaret said...

Blogging from my tablet is always a hassle also. I can write the post, but formatting the photos is beyond me. The positives look wonderful and the negatives are fairly normal for travel. Exhaustion/jet lag and snafus. You aren't missing any glorious weather here, that's for sure!

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