Monday, May 12, 2014

Budapest, day three: of cat cafés and Segways

As you might imagine, traveling with six relatives - especially six adult relatives... especially six adult relatives consisting of parents and their grown children... especially six adult relatives with widely varying personalities - can be a delicate undertaking.

From the very beginning, we've tried to build a good amount of flexibility into our trip, while still making sure that it's a family trip. We got individual Eurail passes instead of a group pass, for example. Three of us went to Croaria last week, while three of us visited Austia. Since Saturday, though, we've all been together - and Elisabeth's boyfriend even joined us for a bit, bringing our number to seven. This has not always been easy on one's patience and nerves and it's taken us a few days to find a "group groove." I do believe, though, that today we found our groove. We split up today into various groups, only reconvening for dinner. It worked well, I think. 

Yeaterday, on Mother's Day, I joked that my only wish for the day was to visit Budapest's famous cat cafe. While we were all too busy yesterday to make that happen, this morning, five of us took a walk to the most bizarre coffee house I've ever been to. I must admit that when I left the cafe I wasn't as thrilled about the idea of a cat cafe as I was when I arrived. There's just something that feels fundamentally wrong about sharing my eating space with a cat - says the woman whose cats are on her kitchen counter far too often! 

If I could insert a video using the Blogger iPhone app, I'd insert it here (if you're my Facebook friend you've already see it), but photos will have to suffice. Imagine a slight "too many cats live here" smell as well, and you'll know how I reached my surprising conclusion. 

While I thought a cat cafe might be a good idea for Seattle previously, I'm not sure we'd really embrace the idea as a city, much as we like our pets. I don't know. What so you think, Seattleites?

After the cat cafe, we hopped on the very efficient Metro and headed to the big Budapest market. 

We also decided to get lunch there. Today it became official: my favorite thing about Hungary (other than the very friendly people) is the food! "Scrumptious" doesn't even begin to describe it! It's hearty and so very flavorful!

After lunch, we all re-convened and re-grouped. Some went to the famous Budapest baths...

...and some of us (Tom, Peter, and I) decided to take a Segway (of all things!) tour of the city. I loved it and took to it easily, but Peter and Tom, being avid motorcyclists, had to unlearn a lot (like leaning to turn) before they were comfortable. 

After the varied afternoon activities, we gathered for a really enjoyable last dinner in Budapest. I had delicious chicken parikash!

Tonight rhe "kids" are on their own again, doing what 20-something's do when they travel, while Tom and I are doing the what 50-something's do when they travel - rest our aching feet, blog (and research Prague on the Internet), and attempt to get another good night's sleep. 

Tomorrow is a travel day. We'll all spend the day together on the seven-hour train  to Prague. Aleks' home away from home for a semester back in 2010.  

I have heard such wonderful things about Prague! Time to find out for myself!

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Margaret said...

This post reminds me of a large family trip we took to Hawaii when I was 17, complete with my aunt, her kids and my grandparents. My dad stayed home with my then 3 year brother. It was pretty tough at times. Glad that you've found a balance. The food does look fantastic. I think my parents talked about the food there also.

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