Friday, April 01, 2011

For sale: 2004 BMW X3 2.5i

No, really.  We’re finally really serious about selling this little adorable and sexy – and very practical – 4 WD SUV. 

compilation photo green

We’ve half-heartedly put it on the market occasionally since buying a full size Nissan truck last Fall (because this little SUV is actually functionally redundant with a truck in many ways!), but now that we’ve decided that we don’t need an extra car at home this summer -- and yes, now that college costs for the twins keep rising -- we’re actually ready to let it go.

Here’s the Craigslist ad:

  • 4 WD (Traction control, ABS, stability control)
  • Full panoramic roof
  • Excellent condition inside and out
  • 75,000 miles
  • $14,950

And hey, because I adore my blog readers, we’ll take $500 off the price for you!


(Yes, folks – this is as close as this blog has ever come to trying to sell you something.  In fact, the closest tag I can muster is “stuff” because I refuse to start a “trying to sell my readers stuff” tag!)

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Margaret said...

Is it black? Is it automatic? Gas mileage? I'm very tempted because I don't really need my big Trailblazer these days, but would have to sell it also.

Carol said...

It is black (with taupe "leatherette" interior), and it is automatic... with the ability to also shift (not sure how that works, but Tom and Peter can explain more). The gas mileage is around 20 - 22 mpg.

Kathrin said...

Carol, we know Anon is not interested... :)) Good luck selling the car.

Anon said...

Well, I'd only be interested in trying to help sell it in Florida.

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