Monday, April 25, 2011

And now for something much more PC: We’re EFF! (An environmentally friendly family)

Tom is an Environmental Engineer, Peter just got his BS in Environmental Science (shameless plug: he’s looking for work; anyone have any leads?), and Kat is an Environmental Studies major at UW.  So it’s about time we did this – and thanks to Kat, we finally have!

We’ve recycled for years, but we’ve never composted – until now.  This is the compostable waste generated JUST from my own breakfast this morning:


Pretty amazing, eh?!

Every few days that little under-the-sink compost bin will be dumped into this scary looking thing:


We’ll keep things steamy and organic and alive by turning the contents  -- which includes yard waste, along with food remnants -- every few days.  It should be fun!

Kat has been quite the project girl this weekend!


That wood represents the beginnings of her vegetable garden, to be located here…

4-25-2011 8-38-34 AM

and in which she’ll be planting all this:


But first, after an absolutely gorgeous Saturday during which, I swear, every Seattle-ite was playing outside, we have to contend with this:


Huge, exasperated, disappointed, frustrated SIGH!  It’s been the coldest, wettest April on record in Seattle and we are all SO ready for Spring!

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vailian said...

Check out this friend of mine (American, lives in Germany, but does the most amazing things):

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