Saturday, April 09, 2011

It’s Official!

Business cards:

Biz Card blur front

Biz Card no blur back

And the beginnings of a website:

Website underway

I am so excited about this new venture!  I am already quite busy with one wonderful client and there are rumblings of another – and that’s before I’ve done any publicity or marketing whatsoever!

They say that when it’s right, you know.  This is soooo right!

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Michelle said...

Congrads to you. You are finally doing something that you have wanted to do for so long. Good Luck. I know you will be great at it.

Goofball said...

congratulations and good luck. Enjoy :)

Margaret said...

Wonderful news! Best of luck to you. :)

Marco said...

More power to you, Carol! Love the overall rustic design.

Shriyansi said...

Congratulations Carol :) Wish you the very best!

Susanne said...

How exciting for you! Congratulations and good luck to you Carol, love the design.

Kathrin said...

Congratulations! That's absolutely fantastic! Wish you much success!:))

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