Thursday, April 28, 2011

Warning: Graphic content ahead

Sadly, it must be Spring. 

I know – I love Spring too, and I have been hugely looking forward to it.

Except this part:


Boo was the ultimate culprit here, but he was not the initial no-good-doer.  That was Bailey who, until this year, only caught butterflies and moths.  But not this year, dammit.

Boo was sleeping innocently next to me in my office when Baily showed up with the poor Bunny.  I could tell by her distorted meow in the hallway that something was up.  I got up to check what was going on, Boo followed me, and at that point all hell broke loose as both Boo and I ran after Bailey.  (And Shasta ran after me.)

She dropped the poor bunny long enough for Boo to immediately take it and run. 

I just wanted to corner Boo long enough to rescue the poor bunny who seemed terrified but perhaps uninjured (as in, there was no blood that I could see).  I came close a few times, throwing a towel over Boo, who had the bunny firmly in his mouth.  But he ducked and ran each time, finally making his way outside through the cat door, with Bailey and Shasta and me right on his heels.

I remember at this point something a woman at PAWS wildlife rescue told me a few years ago when we brought Steve to them: bunnies can die of sheer fear and in a situation like this, they either die quickly or slowly, but they rarely recover from this level of trauma, even if they’re not physically injured.

So I was in a quandary: do I do my best to rescue the bunny (I did; I couldn’t help it!) or do I let “nature take its course”? 

After chasing Boo (and Bailey chasing me) for what seemed like quite a long time, he eventually ran into the forest and at that point I stopped and, sickened and dejected (and pissed), walked back to the house. 

I haven’t seem Boo or Bailey since.  I only hope that the bunny didn’t suffer… and that both have a horrible belly ache that lasts for days.

Mommy rabbits, squirrels, birds, moles, and other local creatures (I intentionally do not include rats here) – keep your babies close and protected.  My hunter felines seem to be frightened of you big guys, but will go after your babies.  I am so very sorry.


(Yes, I’ve considered making them indoor cats.  After five years of being indoor/outdoor pets on property like ours, this is a virtual impossibility.)

Sorry this is such a depressing post.  I still feel sick.

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Goofball said...

a bunny? gosh that's sad

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