Sunday, April 10, 2011

A beautiful day on the University of Washington campus

One of the great things about being in business for myself is that when Kat called me from UW on Friday morning, asking if I wanted to take pictures of the blooming cherry trees on campus before taking her home (to get over this nasty bug that she likely caught from me), I could enthusiastically say YES and not feel that I had to answer to anyone. 

So Shasta and I got in the car and headed across the bridge.  With apologies to the 19,000 students who applied to UW this year and were rejected (of 24,000 total applicants) and with encouragement to the other 5,000 who are deciding where to go to college next year (Bryce Oishi, this means YOU!), I bring you this:


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jennifer said...

Wow - those first couple shots are the best - showing such a panorama. Reminds me (sadly... both because I'm missing them and because of the sadness in Japan) of the cherry blossoms in Tokyo this time of year.

Beautiful photos, and so glad you had a nice sunny day to take them in. Today: we're back to the rain. Sigh.

Lynn said...

Just beautiful!!! We were there a week or so ago in the rain. The cherry trees were very pretty even in the rain, but the sunshine definitely improves the scene! Gorgeous!


Margaret said...

Love that campus in the spring!! Of course, I think it's beautiful during every season, but spring is especially wonderful with the blooming trees. Great shots!

Tonya said...

Wow, absolutely stunning!

Goofball said...

stunningly beautiful

Lynn said...

Great shots- Erin's getting excited for fall!

eoishi said...

Thanks for sharing the stunning photos of UW! Bryce is having a tough time deciding, especially after viewing these. I think there were a higher number of applicants across the board this year - maybe kids are applying to more schools? Bryce got one of 2,000 spots at Univ of Miami out of 28,000 applicants. Congrats on your own business - hoping it is a huge success!

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