Thursday, March 31, 2011

When you have the choice of washing the kitchen floor or blogging, and you choose washing the floor, something is very wrong!

What happened to the days when I could turn anything – any impression, any experience, any simple thought – into a cohesive (and sometimes even engaging!) blog post?  When I first started this blog in 2006, and for about two or three years thereafter, I couldn’t get through a day without writing.  It was like breathing to me. 

I wrote about nothing – like my menopause merchandising idea.  I made drama out of the simplest experiences – like the time I met a man with no wedding ring for lunch.  I started/propagated rumors.  I compiled family recipes that are still accessed from my blog year after year.  I just plain had FUN with this blog, answering to on one, adhering to no particular theme, and not really expecting anything from my blog except what I put into it.

Blog nothing to say

What I got from it, though, were friendships from around the world and a sense of belonging with a very special community of fellow bloggers… and even the most beautiful antique teacup and saucer from my mystery reader.  It sits in our living room on our grand piano and I STILL have no clue who gave it to me!  (Are you still there, oh beloved mystery reader?)

And then there’s my ever faithful reader, Anon, who always (always!) has something snarky and rude to say after each one of my posts and who wouldn’t leave even when I asked her to.  It must be a love/hate relationship at some level for Anon… and I must admit, I’ve even come to read those comments with a sense of affection because – well, hey, she hasn’t left yet; she must get something from my recent ever-so-boring posts!

I know the culprit.  It’s Facebook, where posting is easy and almost thoughtless, where an impression can be documented in a second rather than an hour, where feedback is immediate and personal, and where there’s very little sense of permanency or cohesiveness to one’s presence.  Can I do both?  Can I come back to my blog, posting more than a bunch of pictures accompanied by very few words?  Can I go back to actual thoughtful posts about whatever the hell I’m thinking and experiencing without the pressure of “making it good”? 

I don’t know, but I’m gonna try, now that I have no permanent job and am back to yet another crossroad in my life. 

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Goofball said...

I can't substitute FB for my blog....need more substantial stuff, group pictures with explanations, need to be able to browse back a few months ago

I'm still a faithful reader here!! Not leaving either :)

Margaret said...

FB is fun, but it doesn't fulfill the same need as actual writing, musing, venting, etc...which is why blogging is still important. I don't blog as much as I used to, probably because life is pretty boring without my kids around.

Susanne said...

Carol, I really enjoy reading your blog. Have been for a long time although I don't comment much. I won't be leaving

Michelle said...

The stories you tell are great. It keeps your readers coming back for more. It is your own personal story book that no ones can write for you. Love reading your blog. Please keep it going.
Michelle (Kim next door sister):)

Anon said...

Much as I would like to, I can't take credit for ALL the snarky comments. You had several snarky "anonymous" commenters before you instituted the identity requirement. They weren't all "me", so you probably purged a bunch of readers by doing that. I guess I'm a little more tenacious.

Facebook is limited. If all you want is identified friends commenting on your prose the way they think you want to hear it, and posts that won't be around longer than it takes for 500 "friends" to fill up a newsfeed, then stick to facebook. If you want to really write, and have actual unobligated "readers" read it, then blog. Or write a book. I don't think you can call yourself a writer, though, if all you do is make trite facebook updates.

Kathrin said...

Please don't stop blogging! I love your WRITING! Agree with the comments about FB verses a blog.

Tonya said...

I've become a pretty lame blogger myself lately, and I suppose a good part of the reason is Facebook and Twitter. I've also been having issues with Typepad (blog host) that make me tear out my hair. I have thought about drastically changing the appearance of my blog — like a makeover — but with the Typepad issues or the idea of changing to a new host, it seems very daunting.

J said...

I was hoping that by now the mystery gift giver would be known. I know that we were all quite shocked when it happened.

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