Friday, March 18, 2011

The Gottman Institute broke up with me

It wasn’t me, it was them.

But still, I’m sad.  I went from Microsoft where I really had no core-level belief in their “mission” (if you can call it that) to TGI, where I had – and still have – an absolute core-level belief in their mission.  What the Gottman Institute does for couples and relationships is astounding, and wonderful, and life-changing, and I am so incredibly proud to have been part of that.

Like many companies that evolve from passion and a deep commitment to a good cause, TGI grew as a business almost in spite of itself.  It grew because John’s sound research and Julie’s amazing clinical ability are exemplary, and because people relate to– and many people desperately need -- what they have to offer. 

To their credit, they didn’t bring in a bunch of MBAs to run the business.  But I don’t think they were ready for me.  I came in with extensive business experience, from product development to marketing to training to project management, and for a year I was in constant “C’mon!  We can DO this!” mode. “Let’s re-brand!  Let’s market!  Let’s offer our trainings online!  Let’s get our products on the front table at Barnes & Noble!  Let’s develop a strong social media presence!” (That, we did, and it is rocking, thanks to a few very passionate people.) 


They’ll get there, but first they had to make some tough cuts.  As much as I hate losing that job, I agree with where they made the cuts – at the department head/director level.  Now they have a core team of people who can go head-down and work hard at building the business from the ground up.  The passion for the mission is still very much there.  But now they have to grow the business

They’ll grow again and they’ll need strong leadership… and just like a jilted lover, I’ll be there when that time comes.  

For now, I’m at the very beginning stages of my next venture – and adventure.  I’m going to start my own business!  You’ll be hearing more as my plans percolate, but suffice it to say that there’s a reason that was available!

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c said...

Holy Mackerel! I'm sorry about the Gottman Institute letting you go. But it sounds like you're on to bigger and better things already. Here's hoping that when they ask you back, you're new venture is so successful that you'll have to regretfully decline their offer.


Margaret said...

So sorry--but you sound positive and energized about this new opportunity. I can't wait to hear more about it. :)

Susanne said...

I am very excited about your new adventure. It always is hard to loose a job, but I am very confident that everything will turn out great for you. Cannot wait to hear more about it.
Good luck,

Kathrin said...

Carol, I concur with everyone's comment before. It looks like you have (had ;)) a plan.... I am curious to find out what adventure you have planned for yourself. Good luck!!!

Goofball said...

I gasped when I saw that message on FB. It seemed so unreal that you'd lose your job after all your enthousiastic messages about your job. I am so sorry for you, but I am in awe for your positive energy that seems to vibrate from you. C'mon girl, you can rock on your own also so I'm very curious on your initiative :)

G in Berlin said...

I was very sorry to read your news. It's always a blow even if it all turns out well in the end. The very best in your new endeavors.

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