Monday, March 21, 2011


My three nieces, Hannah, Abbi, and Olivia, have been singing and acting since practically the day they were born.  It has almost been pre-determined for them, as their mother is a musical theater director by profession and she has the voice of an angel. 
Being in the same room with my nieces means being treated to their collective singing voices, as they are always singing – together and alone.  All that singing and acting energy was concentrated recently in the Sunnyvale Community Players presentation of “”Annie,” in which Abbi played "Annie, Hannah played Grace Farrell, and Olivia played Molly. I was choked up with pride during the entire production, silly aunt that I am! 
How I wish we’d been allowed to take photos or video during the production itself, but “Annie” is copyrighted, so the best I could do (other than a quick snapshot grabbed by my brother, is a photo of them after the production ended.

Each of these girls has gobs of talent and big things are in store for them.  And just think – now you can say you “knew” them when!

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Tonya said...

What lovely young ladies! (The middle one definitely resembles her auntie!)

Lorrene said...

Pretty girls!

PEACE said...

Love community theatre! What fun to watch your obviously talented nieces!

Anon said...

Ah, nepotism. It's not just for the Barrymores.

Carol said...

Ah, talent. It runs strong in that family.

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