Monday, March 01, 2010

Boo’s baffling boo-boo – surgery tomorrow!

One day a few weeks ago, Boo came in from outside tracking “blood prints” through the kitchen.  Alarmed, I checked his paw and noticed that one of the pads was bleeding.  I assumed he’d stepped on a thorn or perhaps even a piece of glass and we kept an eye on both his paw and his behavior.


Boo never seemed terribly bothered by his paw and by last week I figured the whole not-so-traumatic ordeal was behind him.  But Tom noticed this weekend that, although Boo wasn’t limping, he was favoring his “good” paw and he’d hold his “bad” paw off the ground when he sat upright.  We decided this morning to make a vet appointment for him, just to be on the safe side.


Tom took him to the vet this afternoon and I assumed I’d get a report this evening along the lines of “we’re apparently over-protective.”  Instead, I got a call as I was driving home.  Tom asked me to come right to the veterinary hospital because the issue with Boo’s paw isn’t an injury, but a TUMOR.


By the time I arrived, we’d know (because a blood test had been taken as was being evaluated) whether the tumor was one that most likely indicates a malignant cancer or a possibly -- but not definitely – more benign tumor.

Fortunately, the blood test was negative… but surgery is still indicated because this could still be something quite serious and the tumor must be removed no matter what.  So tomorrow I’ll drop Boo off at the veterinary hospital on my way to work and Tom and I will pick him up in the evening.

Please think positive thoughts for my poor Boo baby!  I’ll let you know what we find out tomorrow.

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Tonya said...

Definitely sending warm thoughts to Boo and to you! Poor Boo!

Lynn said...

Wishing a quick recovery for Boo's boo boo! Gosh, will he have to wear a "cone of shame" during his recovery? Do they do that with cats too? I can't imagine a cat actually leaving it on--they're too smart!


Gina said...

Poor baby! I hope that everything turns out alright. I am sending him caring thoughts and will pray for him. Good luck.

Michelle said...

Aww such a pretty kitty..hope he is ok!

Margaret said...

I'm so sorry about the kitty's paw. It looks painful. Hope Boo's boo boo is soon better. :) I couldn't resist the pun.

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