Thursday, March 18, 2010

Now I’m really in for it!

If I spend money on something, my level of commitment toward it goes way up. It’s just frugal me; I can’t help it.

So this whole get-back-in-shape thing has my full commitment because… well, behold:

  • Personal trainer (6 weeks): $750.00 (gulp!)
  • Gym membership: $35 a month
  • Danskin triathlon: $130
  • And my latest purchases:


Now I’m really in for it!

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Margaret said...

If you know that it will commit you/give you motivation, it's money well-spent!!

Unknown said...

Good for you, Carol! Now if I could add my 2 cents, being a dietitian in private practice, why not add a nutrition consultant to the package to help you with a training diet? I'm sure there are many in your area.
Good luck!

AstroYoga said...

You are not alone in the money=commitment idea. I have found that if I offer to teach Yoga for free to people I know, they can't manage to show up. If I charge them (up front), they do it. There is even a threshold. If the price is too low, they don't value the product and are more willing to let it go. If the price is too high, they won't do it. So I have to figure out prices that make people show up but don't make them feel like they are being over charged.

Apparently, doing Yoga because it can help you find inner peace is just not a great motivator. crazy.

Goofball said...

frugal me almost choked at those prices. yikes, I don't think I'd commit myself to something at such a price

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