Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Surgery Tuesday… times TWO

Both Tom’s mother and my brother are having major surgery today.  Needless to say, we will be a bit distracted throughout the day until we hear that both are out of surgery and doing well.

Interestingly, both my brother Michael and Tom’s mother, Rose (“Nana”) are having full hip replacements.

Rose, who lives in Palm Desert, California had planned to have her hip replaced again (she’d had it done 12 years ago, but it needs a “renewal”) on April 2nd in Spokane, Washington, which is closer to both Tom’s sister’s family in Idaho and to our family in Seattle.  Plus, Dr. Benirschke, who performed miracle surgery on my ankle last year, had recommended a great surgeon in Spokane.  All was set. 


Last Thursday Rose fell in a parking lot and broke her femur.  It is a bad break, just below her current artificial hip and for reasons I don’t quite comprehend, that makes for a far more difficult surgery – or rather TWO surgeries done in one day, as they will now perform both a full hip replacement and repair her broken femur. 

When Rose was visiting at Christmas I told her that I was worried that she’d fall at home and couldn’t get help, as she lives alone.  She didn’t seem concerned (“I have a Rolodex on the kitchen counter”), but I remained very concerned and I must say that I’m just grateful that this happened in a public parking lot, almost right in front of a fire station!

The recovery is said to be at least a year – and given her age (85), it might even be longer.  :-(

Please think positive thoughts for Nana!


(Tom and his mother making Christmas rum balls, 2008)

My brother Michael, who is only 58 will also have a full hip replacement in San Francisco.  His surgery was scheduled for a few weeks ago, but his asthma was so bad he had to postpone his surgery.  He has always had bad bones, the result of Mom’s war-time and post-war malnutrition in Germany.

Please also think healing and positive thoughts for my dear brother Michael – a true “hippy,” so he should do just fine with this surgery!  :-)


(This is Michael, shooting a video in Africa.)

I’ll let you know how things go…

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Margaret said...

I hope the surgeries went well!!

PEACE said...

Hope all went well. From one who has spent too much of the last few months in hospitals, all I can say is "They suck!"

Again, wishing them both the best.

Goofball said...

I hope all went well

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