Saturday, March 27, 2010

Holy camoley!

Remember this little ditty, in which I joked that my mother probably drove Pope Joseph Ratzinger to the priesthood?

Well, tonight I was minding my own business, mindlessly thumbing through today’s paper, when I came upon this picture --- and gasped. 


Liked audibly. 

Dramatically, even.

Seriously, is it just me or is there an eerie resemblance between the pope and my mother and aunt… who were born in the same small German town at about the same time as the pope?!  (The pope’s birthday/place is April, 1927/Traunstein and Mom’s is June, 1927/Traunstein…)


Let’s look at this again, shall we?

The pope:


My mother:

Omi 1998

The pope:


My aunt (with me):

Leni and Carolbeer02

And Mom (and me)…

Omi and Carol Xmas 01

Do you see it?  To me it is jarring. He feels completely familiar and I swear I can imagine his mannerisms

This is disturbing!

Call me crazy (go ahead, I don’t mind), but I have a feeling…

Oh, I can’t even SAY it.  (But do you see it?)

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Margaret said...

I definitely see it!!

Unknown said...

I see old people. Old people tend to look alike because they are old. If you had young adult pictures of all of them, you might be able to see some resemblance. But even then, what would it mean? Nothing. They're all from similar genetic makeup because they were born in the same town from (probably) similar genetic parents. So?

Goofball said...

I see resemblance indeed

but you can be easily fooled by it, definately once you start looking for it.

although it is cool to wonder :)

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