Saturday, March 06, 2010

It’s worse

We brought Boo to the vet again today in order to discuss the idea of a toe amputation further with the vet.  She strongly believed that, based on what she saw both during surgery and based on the lab results, the cancer had been confined to Boo’s toe, but she suggested that we do a chest X-ray just to be sure that there weren’t signs of cancer elsewhere in his body core.


It turns out that Boo does have quite a few “small, abnormal, suspicious” spots in his chest region.  The X-rays have been sent to a specialist and we should know more on Monday.

If the spots are cancer, then we will not amputate the toe. Instead, we will spoil Boo rotten, be grateful that his favorite two seasons are upon us, and love him to pieces. 

After that -- when he is no longer active and pain-free… well, right now I’m not going there.

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Margaret said...

Your plan sounds excellent. I'm so sorry that the news wasn't good. Pets are so easy to love.

Goofball said...

this news gives me teary eyes....I like Boo. I've missed all your updates as I was away on vacation. I am so sorry to find all of this in my feedreader. Sweet Boo, I hope he's not in pain!

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