Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No really, I AM working!


The stars aligned today: I’m working at home, the weather is glorious, and my day isn’t quite as crazed as usual.

(Don’t envy me too much.  They’re re-landscaping next door and a huge dump truck filled with manure just arrived.  PU!)

Of course, on the rare occasion that I have a relatively peaceful day, I know that I will soon be paying for it with an insanely busy day. 

Today, for example, most of my projects are in others’ courts. Microsoft is reviewing a demo as well as translations for its eleven localized versions, a marketing campaign I’m working on is at various stages of client approval, a technical deployment guide is being produced by our team, and other projects are at various points that don’t demand my immediate attention.

Tomorrow, though, and for the rest of the week, as projects land solidly back on my plate, I’ll be in project manager purgatory, reviewing every demo, whitepaper, VO file, and website as it comes my way, and disbursing them every which way for more client feedback and – hopefully – for some final approvals and wrap-ups before the end of the fiscal year.

In other news, I‘ve hit 6+ months since I broke my ankle and I’m discouraged.  My ankle still looks like I have a case of elephantiasis – especially since having the screw removed two weeks ago.


Really – isn’t that just gross


Will I ever wear normal shoes again, or am I forever destined to wear ugly tennies and slip-ons with a pad in one shoe to make up for the difference in the size of my feet?

You know what I really miss?  “Rushing around”!  I have a rushing-around, get-it-done approach to most tasks, but somehow moseying and lumbering and limping just doesn’t cut it for me.  It’s insanely frustrating!

Someday I am determined to walk down stairs normally again.  I still have to go down steps like a toddler (foot down, catch up, foot down, catch up…) because I simply can’t yet extend my knee out over my toes which, if you slow down your movements when you walk down steps, you’ll notice is a necessary movement.

But who am I to complain?  I am well aware that the recovery from a trimalleolar fracture  is a long process lasting up to a year or more.  I’m just impatient, that’s all!

You know what I want to do on my ankleversary?  I want to start ballroom dancing lessons with Tom! 


Hell, we’ve very much gone through all this together and he’s been a phenomenal caretaker, dedicated, helpful and compassionate (and truly, he has not complained once!), so we should definitely celebrate together.

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Anonymous said...

Compression stockings. You really need to get some. And 1 year is a conservative estimate. It's more like 2 years. It took me a full 2 years to be able to walk without thinking about every step.

Renate said...

I agree on the compression stockings. Given that I have such lousy and painful feet (which will never get better and probably worse), I'm used to walking down the stairs that way. Makes me feel like an old lady.

Goofball said...

oooh ballroom dances is surely something to look forward to !!

I hope that you are not swamped by work by now and that you still have nice weather to enjoy. If not...come on over, it's wonderful over here!

Entropy's Bitch said...

I hear you, sister. I had a bimalleolar on 3/14 (Pi day!), so am two months behind you. However, I have a neoprene brace that squeezes the bejesus out of my ankle and helps the swelling. Also, try magnesium malate, as it helps the swelling. And is your PT having you do lunges and heel stretches? Walk as much as you possibly can to get the fluid sloshing back out of that sucker. *healing vibes from Greenlake*

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