Saturday, June 20, 2009

Monetize or not?

I’m throwing this one out to my readers. All three of you. (And therein, perhaps, lies my answer!)


I’m considering the idea of placing ads on my blog. I don’t really want to do it because I like the idea of a “pure” blog, beholden to no one and inspired only by my ideas and desire to write and connect. But at the same time, times are lean and I wouldn’t mind a little extra income.

Sitemeter says I have somewhere around 150 visitors a day. With meager stats like that (and really, I’m fine with that number; I’m not actively doing anything to increase those numbers… I just plain write), is it even worth considering placing ads on my blog?

I’d love some opinions, personal stories, even stats if you have them. And hey, if only three people reply, there’s my answer. Right?

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vailian said...

Please. No.
As a regular and devoted reader, I think you would be doing yourself a disservice and it would restrict your editorial freedom.
You would make more money and do more good by doing occasional talks on midwifery, or writing a book about social networking.
I stop going to websites that are too cluttered with ads... the worst are the popups... I would dread seeing your beautiful blog littered with commercial crud.

AstroYoga said...

I tried ads, and I didn't like the feel of it. Of course, I didn't take the time to filter the ads so that they matched my blog. There were a few that were very inappropriate!

In the end, I think the idea of making money for your writing (when it is given to the public) is a good one. People do work for money - that is the way capitalism works. I find that, in general, women are kind of expected to do a lot of great things for free and we often sell our selves out in the name of volunteerism. I am not disparaging volunteerism, but volunteerism is different than being expected to work without being paid. You are a great writer, and it you can earn a few extra bucks on the side while doing it, more power to you!!

christina said...

(third commenter!)

I honestly never look at or click on ads on blogs and I think they take away from the stuff I really came to read.

Home's Jewels said...

If I am reading through my Gogole reader, it doesn't matter if you have ads or not - I won't see them.

However, if I actually click on a blog, I prefer to not see the extra clutter from ads.

Margaret said...

I think it's completely up to you, thus I have no opinion. I don't look at ads on a blog much, so it doesn't matter to me. Do what feels right to you!

Anonymous said...

Obviously I prefer no ads. On the other hand I've learned to tune them out and would definitely still read your blog, ads or not. :)


Unknown said...

I'd definitely still read your blog-I love it. But I ignore ads and wouldn't click on any that I saw on a blog.

Nikki said...

I am so used to seeing ads on everything I read that I have learned to just tune them out. I say, if someone is willing to pay you...GO FOR IT! :)

Anonymous said...

No..........who reads them anyway??

Goofball said...

I don't pay attention to them so as long as they don't pop-up, I don't care. Most people use a feedreader anyway, don't they?

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