Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The company I keep

Sonia Sotomayor broke her ankle yesterday. 


Like the rest of us, she doesn’t have a particular exciting story to tell (she fell while rushing for a flight), but unlike the rest of us, the fracture hardly seemed to have put a dent in her 6-meeting day… let alone her week or her month!

Granted, she has a single fracture (whereas I have a triple – Trimalleolar – fracture).  And it doesn’t look like she’ll have any surgery (whereas I had a complicated 8-hour surgery and 4-day hospitalization).  But I can promise you that as she hobbles down those White House halls (she SO needs a knee walker!) with a “no big deal” expression, and as she insists in interviews, “I feel fine,” she’s not being 100% truthful – which, in her particular case might be an issue!

She’s hurting and swollen, I guarantee it.  Her entire foot throbs when it’s not above her heart.  Those days of meeting after meeting must be excruciating!  But her focus right now can’t be on her foot; she has more important things on her mind!  (I do wonder if they recommended surgery and she refused…)

I wish her luck!  Not only in her quest for the Supreme Court seat, but in her broken ankle journey – which I can promise you will be very private and understated in public… and probably more debilitating and significant in private.  (Or not?!)

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Anonymous said...

I think she's better off using crutches rather than a knee-walker. It'll keep her in better physical shape and facilitate a quicker recovery. I do agree that no one really knows how challenging it is to go through a broken ankle recover until they've had one. It's hard. Especially hard over 50.

jennifer said...

I totally thought of you when I saw the news story about Sotomayor's ankle!

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