Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon Minus Kate plus the Bachelorette

I hardly ever watch TV because I simply don’t have time for it (remember, I work during prime time), but tonight I indulged in a double guilty pleasure – the heartbreaking episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight, in which Jon and Kate break the news that they’re separating, rotating in and out of their new million-dollar home so the kids can stay put…


and catching up on The Bachelorette which I’ve missed pretty much all season, but which seems to have a whole lot of its own drama going on.


It’s probably a good thing that TV isn’t my thing because (I’m ashamed to say) I’d probably get sucked into this crap fairly easily. 

Tom could never get sucked in, on the other hand, because he’s so innately empathetic that he simply can’t watch the reality show scenes where someone gets rejected or otherwise gets their feelings hurt. Really – he has to physically leave the room.

It’s pretty sweet – which embarrasses him no end, but endears me to him even more!

So there you have it… a completely and totally throw-away post with absolutely no wisdom, no interesting photographs, and not even a decent title.

(And I don’t even have the excuse that it’s NABLPOMO. )

Tune in again tomorrow when we’ll return to your regularly scheduled stuff.

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AstroYoga said...

That makes me feel better. I am also one of those people who just cannot watch reality TV where people are hurtful to one another.

Interestingly, there is a Top Model show over in Germany run by Heidi Klum. I can actually watch it because the girls don't really turn on each other, and Heidi Klum actually kind of mentors them. It is kind of professional, and when a girl pulls out the drama, she is usually the first to be asked to leave. The last five girls in the show were all supporting each other the whole time, and the last three just held each other tightly during the finale. It was nice to watch.

When I was in the US last year, I tried watching the Tyra Banks version, and I had to turn it off because everyone on the show was just terrible to watch!

Margaret said...

I really dislike so-called reality shows because they are exploitative and not really all that real. They're a way for marginally or not very talented people to make money off people's curiosity. I admit to being a curious type, but I resist watching them because the thought of how people will prostitute themselves and their "lives" for money makes me sad. But hey, I have no opinion, ha ha. I'm reading a really good book right now though by the blogger called Orangette.(she lives in Seattle) It's called Homemade life and is loaded with yummy looking recipes.

Goofball said...

oh the bachelor used to be on tv here too and I did get sucked into it. But it's been years since that aired on tv in Belgium.

and I have no clue who Jon and Kate are. No global celebs clearly.

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