Friday, May 01, 2009

Unemployment Central


Tom’s pink slip “came true” late yesterday and his official last day at work is today. He’ll be going back to his original career field of Environmental Science and Engineering, but after 8 years out (as a digital environments artist), it might be hard to get back into the environmental arena. I am cautiously optimistic.

Elisabeth was laid off from her job at a Women’s Research Clinic last week. She’s been accepted into nursing school for the fall, but she’ll be putting herself through school this time (she already has a degree from Cal), so she still needs to work.

And Aleks, Kat and Peter all need both jobs and student loans if they are to finish college.

So yeah – I’m the only one of the six of us who is employed. A little pressure? Um, yeah -- just a tad.

In other words, I am frikkin’ terrified!

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Goofball said...

sending a lot a lot A LOT of positive vibes!

Tonya said...

That IS a lot of pressure on you. On everyone! Be sure and take really good care of yourself. (You know, like lots of relaxing baths, maybe even a massage now and then?) If good vibes are sendable, I'm sending them.

Margaret said...

Your story is becoming more and more common. Best of luck for the family on the job front. Both our kids need jobs--Alison when she comes back from Western and Ashley when she returns from Africa. Should be "interesting."

honeypiehorse said...

Actually evironmental jobs is supposed to be one of the new boom industries, we have too few qualified people. And kids can work themselves through college, even if it takes longer and isn't at Harvard. I did. It's a lot of pressure but it's all going to be OK.

Snooker said...

Gosh I'm really sorry to hear it. You read the news, you see the reports, but it is still shocking to see how badly the U.S. is suffering from this crisis.

Hopefully something really great will pop up for Tom in the near future.

J said...

wow, sorry to hear that. I hope something comes Tom's way soon.

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