Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Almost as bad as a “What I had for Lunch” post

So I got a new cell phone today.  Before you get all “la-dee-da” and “whoop-dee-do” on me, allow me an evening to be downright excited about this cool little geeky gizmo.


My kids text like crazy. In fact, they rarely call anyone, preferring to text them instead.  Kat’s had this Samsung Alias phone for about a year. I’ve been envious because I’ve been texting more and more these days but it’s been really arduous with my old phone: press the “9” key three times for “y,” press the “6” key three times for “o,” and press the “8” key three times for “u.” 


But behold!  My new phone has a real keyboard!  Yes, I know that I’m a two-finger typist, but still – texting with this thing is really fast… even for me!


And if that’s not enough, listen to my new ringtone:

Yeah, I know it’s kinda seasonal, but I like it!  The other two options were the theme to “Dr. No” and a meowing cat.  Maybe I’ll tire of this quickly and try one of those.

OK, I’m done with this boring post now.  I promise I won’t write about getting a new cell phone again.

Unless I get an iPhone… and then you better believe that I will write a drippy, gushy, frikkin’ LOVE LETTER to my phone!  But until the kids graduate and have their own plans, and we’re not paying for six cell phones, that’s not about to happen.

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Anonymous said...

Six? You're still paying for Elizabeth's phone too? Time for her to grow up I think.

Carol said...

Well, yes. But only because she paid for her cell phone from the time she was 16.5 (she got it for her birthday... with 6 months' service)until last year. But yeah, it puts us over that Family Plan limit. Hate to kick her when she's down, since she was just laid off, but you're right! Time for... a phone call, perhaps.


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